SCA 220/221

Increase the number of beds in your recreational vehicle. The SCA roofs 220 and 221 are universal roofs for caravans, partially and fully-­integrated mobile homes. They offer a comfortable double bed and convey a spacious feeling. The roofs are suitable for a platform size of at least 320 centimetres in length and 168 centimetres in width. The height is 89 centimetres when they are set up. The bodywork has been approved by the TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association).

The SCA 220’s recliner can be folded up when the roof is up. This increases the standing height in the vehicle by up to 80 centimetres – an incredible plus for freedom of movement! The SCA 221’s sleeping area is easily accessible via an entry opening.

Both models are equipped with a light aluminium slatted frame, the disc springs of which ensure a comfortable place to lay down and good air circulation. The 130 centimetre wide and 200 centimetre long mattress ensures relaxed sleep on the go. Thanks to the 45 centimetre high scissor lifts, you can sleep with your head in both directions – or enjoy the view. The window in the fabric bellows has an insert made of clear plastic in the direction of travel to the right. This way, even in bad weather, light comes into the interior. The windows on the left and front are provided with fly screens, this last window can be opened with a zip for ventilation and as an emergency exit. All windows can be completely darkened.

The materials of the roofs meet the highest demands. The roof shell is made of glass fibre-­reinforced plastic. The inner surface of the roof is lined with a soft crumpled velour, which creates a pleasant atmosphere. The bellows consists of a flame-retardant fabric and is also breathable. The entire construction weighs only 132 kilos. It provides excellent characteristics in terms of both sound and thermal insulation.

Both SCA roofs impress with their practical handling. Two scissor lifts and four gas springs make opening and closing easier. A folding mechanism pulls the bellows inwards when the roof is closed, thus preventing the bellows from getting caught between the body and roof. With Southco fastenings, everything is reliably fixed and locked.