SCA 290

The shell of the roof offers the advantages already known from other SCA roofs such as consistent wall thickness and a smooth, non-profiled outer surface of the roof shell. The perfect basis for direct bonding of thin solar panels just a few millimetres thick with a negligible increase in overall vehicle height – which remains below two metres with the roof closed. This roof also has high scissor lifts, providing plenty of legroom making it possible to sleep with your head towards the rear.

The Skyline fabric bellows have a modern two-tone design and, with an integrated panoramic window fitted as standard, provide outstanding ventilation, great lighting conditions, and also a fantastic view.

The reclining unit offers a lot of comfort with a slat construction with additional plate springs for reclining and sleeping, and provides good ventilation of the high-quality foam material mattress at the same time. The access hatch can be closed with a slide-in module and still guarantees a comfortable head height. With the closing clamp installed as standard, closing the roof is possible with little effort and is also secure. At the same time, the bracket is multifunctional – it can be used as a coat hanger and also as a fixing point for lights and a tablet.

The SCA-express-lock guarantees secure locking of the roof and fits perfectly into the automotive ambience of the vehicle.

Available from spring 2019.

opening: front

Roof type: Sleeper roof

height vehicle roof closed: ca. 2000 mm

length vehicle: 3000 mm

lying area: bed with cup springs

thickness upholstery: 30 mm

dimension llying area: 1900 x 1230 mm

Entry cover: high-quality plastic cover

locking mechanism: SCA-express-lock

version canvas: Skyline-canvas

scissors Height: 380 mm

Price from: 5.742,00 €